We Offer Cars For Sale

In addition to car rentals, Practicar is also a leader of used car sales in Toronto. Practicar sells used and leased vehicles ranging from cars, SUVs, minivans, vans to trucks. We have a wide and diverse selection of used vehicles at each of our locations and up for viewing online, making it a breeze for interested parties to see what we have on offer. Our selection of pre–owned cars and trucks are certified to verify that they are the highest quality pre–owned vehicles available in the marketplace. If the vehicle you’re looking for is not available in the lot of your local Practicar dealership, our team can help you locate the vehicle in question through our network of locations throughout Canada. Practicar Car Sales has access to thousands of cars from all over the United States, meaning our customers will have a wide selection of vehicle types, styles and prince ranges to choose from.

As always, we put the utmost importance on the quality and maintenance of both our rental and used vehicles. We understand that second hand products such as used cars can vary wildly in quality and performance—and so we put great care into making sure that our customers has all the required information and opportunity to test out our used cars before making any sort of purchase. We want our customers to be perfectly happy and content with the quality, performance and price of their potential purchase so that they can make a purchase with the safe knowledge that our product and quality can be trusted. Our customers can shop and buy with confidence that our products and services meet industry standard regulations—Practicar/ Auto Grost Inc.  is a OMVIC licensed dealer and UCDA member.

In order to aid our customers to finding the ideal used car in our vast selection, Practicar has a unique test drive program that allows prospective buyers to test drive used vehicles for 24 hours and more. This program is a great way for interested buyers to test out a vehicle they have their eye on for an extended period of time, to ensure that the used vehicle is right for their needs. With this unique test driving program in place, we can be sure that every customer is able to find the perfect used car, minivan or truck for their needs—and leave happy with their purchase and satisfied with the service we were able to offer.

In addition to selling used cars, we also have a car buying program for the benefit of our customers. Practicar can conduct car appraisals to judge the estimate value of your vehicle, and also has a consignment sale program in case you decide to sell your vehicle to us. This program allows the seller to gain a portion of the payment when a sale of their vehicle is made.

Simply put, there is no question that for a wide and varied selection of reliable second hand, pre–owned vehicles at a competitive price, Practicar is one of the places you absolutely need to visit. We guaranteed that in our wide network and inventory of used vehicles, we have something that’s just perfect for you.